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Planning Application for Ards Peninsula house is now approved

That is how look drawings, when you get them back from Planning Department of your County Council. They get stamp of approval and few other stamps too. You may get back less drawings with stamps than the number of drawings that you submitted. To my understanding it is because rest of drawings may be […]

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Ards Peninsula house extension – planning application submitted

This planned extension is very much submissive to existing housing estate it is designed in. It adopts materials, details, windows sizes and proportions, roof pitches. It is recessed from street allowing still to read houses as detached. Massing, while proposed work is to project 4m deep into the backyard garden, is similar in size […]

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Newtownards shop renovation and extension – planning application submitted

Renovation of derelict terraced stone building in centre of Newtownards. It is planned to resume the function of shop, which was it’s function before dilapidation. There are proposed alterations to existing and small extension in very small and irregular yard. Extension will bring modern conveniences (kitchen and toilet). As of now running water and […]

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Woodstock Road area two storeys extension – rough concept

To my observation, in recent years planning process exposed me to the tendency of planners to carefully consider access to light and views from neighbouring houses. This sketch is looking into creation of a room with parallel and perpendicular walls which at the same time would fulfil often requested view from First Floor Level […]

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in the process of design – detail for ceiling/lintel/eaves

early stage of process to figure out detail for ceiling/lintel/eaves.
The style of this particular project is modern/minimalist, but minimalist does not mean minimalist in design sense.
It is meant to look minimal and building to look simple and pretend that there is less to it than actually needs to be.
In this case the […]

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