Project Description

Big countryside replacement dwelling. Set to feature modern/contemporary panoramic window with extensive view on a lake below front of the house.

Form and massing of the dwelling reflects the form of shed popular in the close locality and well as in Ireland in general. Roof is as well reflecting form of shed buildings.

Challenge in this project was, that it is placed on the north-sloping hill. While the extensive view to the north benefits from being well lit from the viewing side, the dwelling itself is not getting much of direct sun in winters.
Another challenge, and more practical, is access to the site. It is at a significant slope/grade. While it is advantageous to get house high for the views that are spectacular, the vehicular access to the site is a challenge design wise. Gradient and splay views at the access to the public road, while existing, were as well a challenge to overcome.
Panoramic window to living accommodation proved to be challenge while securing Planning Application as it does fall far from traditional building vocabulary and is visible from the public road.


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