Project Description

This page showcase some of the projects I contributed to in offices that I was employed in years 1998 – 2014. In this period I was gaining my experience in great number of offices spanning from Poland to Ireland and Northern Ireland. They all presented very varied ethos, scope of work and scale of projects and relation to design and it’s place in construction projects.

I was working performing various tasks attributed to architect’s assistant. Started with responsibilities related to Architect’s Assitant Part 1 and continued with taking responsibilities attributed to Assistant Part 2. At various stages in my to date carrier my position in office was described as Architectural Technician or even Architectural Technologist. (Please bear in mind that I am not an Architectural Technologist – neither registered, nor otherwise).

Great expanse of projects taken and stages on which I worked on them, scale of projects in terms of budget or floor area, location, historic significance of existing structure or context of projects, push for sustainability of relevant local autority, technology employed, design expression of lead designer, routines and procedures of offices I worked, teams on the projects (internal and external) – all this aspects of my work (and much more) give me reason to call myself all-rounder.

Despite great scope of  this experience I consider myself a residential architect first of all. It gives me just the extra context of architectural practice.

For particular projects (shown here)  you can find details on pictures themselves.

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