Thank you for visiting! The type of architecture I focus on is homes (residential architecture, if to use architects’ speak). There are other types of buildings that come trough my office too. That is the function of building I work on. There are materials that I am more happy to work with. My favourite material to build houses with is hempcrete (and other natural materials go along). All architects this days, more or less, are focused low energy buildings. I would claim that I am very much focused on that. I speak fluent English & native Polish.

who & what is behind

on projects: bringing design embracing traditional and low energy solutions, materials that don’t depend on mining but use renewable & biodegradable resources; in my office: while projects are informed by client’s dreams and ideas I am the sole responsible person for the way I run my business; here I am working towards meditative environment, full of peace, paperless office and being engaged on projects to which I can commute by bicycle or public transport or via online communication tools
Since 2014 practising as architect in this business of my own.
Since 2012 registered with Architects Registration Board (ARB) in London.
In 2012 passed Professional Practice Exam and acquired Part 3 qualifications in Architecture with The Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland (RIAI) in Dublin. Resigned from RIAI register of architects in 2014 as I was not looking for work in the Republic of Ireland anymore.
In 2002 gained a Masters Degree in Architecture in Wroclaw University of Technology in Wroclaw, Poland.
Since 1999 experiencing architecture as an architectural assistant in various offices. Starting in Poland and then since 2004 continuing in Ireland and since 2008 in Northern Ireland. Both migrations were greatly influenced by recessionary periods in that countries.
Since 1992 studied architecture. First in Poznan and then in Wroclaw, Poland.
When I am in design process, I use some specific software for architects. Main one is BricsCAD. It isn’t widely known, but it is very similar (and very compatible) to AutoCAD, which is very widely known beyond architects circles. I use 3D software too. That allows to almost prototype building before it is build in real life and allows me to crate ‘life-like’ pictures that may be taken to be photos. I am great fan of new ways of communication and would contact my prospects and clients over Skype (link to my Skype username is on shared on my website). I like to embrace in my workflow communication tools like Slack, Evernote and MEGA is my cloud drive of choice. You can share with me your ideas using HOUZZ or Pinterest or other Social Medias. I started this business in 2014 in Belfast and work from office located in my home. I am located close to Comber Greenway intersection with Connswater Greenway. It is Newtownards Road intersection with Albertsbridge Road when looking on road network. I personally focus on Greenways, as they give me great opportunities for lunchtime activity.
Since I left University I got strongly invested in Passive Design and gradually fascinated with Thermal equilibrium of traditional buildings. Such approach to architecture almost vanished with rise of Industrialisation and heating houses with coal and other fossil fuels. The shift in my focus happened when, driven by high unemployment among graduates in 2001-2003 Poland, I left my country of origin and ended up in a middle of nowhere cottage near Scariff in Co. Clare. There my drawing board and Rotring rapidographs were lying unused while I was forced out of my intellectual domain and engaged in hard physical labour. That was my karma for about one year in various locations in Co. Clare, Co. Cork, Co. Limerick and Co. Galway. There was another thing, that happened in the small cottage, where I spent my few first weeks after weeks long journey from Poznan, Poland. Between a hard physical job, meditation, prana yama, assana, tandava, and more common human engagements I became interested in the books I found there. This dilapidated farmhouse contained varied and unheard of for me alternatives. The most unusual was about ‘cob wall’ construction.http://beckybee.net/handbook.html . It was beyond my imagination that you can build with clay! My last project in the Wroclaw University of Technology Poland, that gave me title of Master of Science in Architecture involved Kevlar canvas and hyper-tensed steel cable structure on Geiger Cable Dome. I was in shock. It all did not make sense to me. “Building with earth”?. In three weeks I ended up as a volunteer worker on two cob houses in Co. Cork. http://thehollies.ie/ . I moved there within hours of getting the invitation. While I spent there only two weeks, beside building hemp walls with own hands I was sleeping in their bookshop and came across a number of books. They contained a world of other unknown to me building techniques and concepts. I was blessed that Rob Hopkins with his family was away for Dalai Lama’s Paris visit at that time, so I had the bookshop/office quite to myself. I used it a lot and got plenty of inspiration from there. After leaving The Hollies I was engaged in forest maintenance in Co. Limerick. Being again a hard labour it gave me some appreciation as the production of timber for construction looks whole way trough the life of a forest. I was assisting there on natural stone walls construction mending few old ones myself and building myself few dry stone walls.My first name (Marcin) clearly highlights my Polish roots, but you can call me Martin or Máirtín as to rendering of the name in Belfast communities. In the past I would sign: Marcin Vito Piotrowicz, Vito Piotrowicz or M. Vito Piotrowicz

skill set

communication 50
presentation 80
concept design 95
technical design 90
specifications 75




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